Watching a video of this guy who took a video when he was being tattooed is so interesting

I have watch many videos about tattooing different parts of the body but I must admit that this one got me wanting to watch and watch it,I couldn't get enough of it and as I was just watching i kept wondering what come into this guy mind until he decides to record a video of himself being tattooed on the eyeball?

This video is all about the entire process and you won't want to even miss a step of it,first he prepares himself for the process then goes ahead and start tightening his eyeball as he is tattooed,sometimes he creates a scary face in a very funny way which you might think that it is his eye that is being tattooed instead of the eyeball,the video is actually crazy but again very interesting for it makes people believe that actually eyeball tattooed is possible for many do not believe in eyeball tattooing,this man goes ahead and proves to the whole world that it is not only on hands,thighs or chest that it can be tattooed but also your eyeball. 



You will surely get entertained and also learn some basics about eyeball getting tattooed for this video shows the entire procedure from the first step to the last,indeed this video made me think of trying this kind of tattooing for the man seems to enjoy the entire procedure and you cannot believe how shiny and beautiful his eyeball became after the procedure,I believe this video went viral and people can't get enough of it,after watching it you will believe that everything under the sun is possible and that there are are real experts of tattooing different parts of our bodies,try tattooing your eyeball or any other place and take a video,it might went viral and be the most watched video like this one,who knows?

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