Seems these days, everything you eat can kill you. Fruits + veggies have pesticides. Bread has gluten. Do vitamins have harmful chemicals? Maybe we’d be healthier if we just stopped eating altogether! What a concept! Don’t let food kill you: Stop eating! Hmmm, probably wouldn’t work. So the least you can do is know what foods are deemed dangerous these days and which are still considered okay to consume.

2. Apples


This is not a Snow White or Adam and Eve joke. We live in a time when even fruit is dangerous to eat—because of pesticides. If you don’t spend a little extra on organic, the cash you save will get you residual pesticides you can’t easily wash off or peel away. 99% of apples tested in the U.S. contained the residue of at least one type of pesticide. A recent study found these pesticides can damage the brain, damage the nervous system and lead to cancer…among other undesirable effects. Some other fruits that contain pesticides are peaches, nectarines, cherry tomatoes and strawberries.


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