Seems these days, everything you eat can kill you. Fruits + veggies have pesticides. Bread has gluten. Do vitamins have harmful chemicals? Maybe we’d be healthier if we just stopped eating altogether! What a concept! Don’t let food kill you: Stop eating! Hmmm, probably wouldn’t work. So the least you can do is know what foods are deemed dangerous these days and which are still considered okay to consume.

1. Sports Drinks

Sports Drinks

C’mon, we can’t even slam a sports drink after playing ball?! Well, these drinks sometimes have the same amount of sugar as colas. That’s not good after a workout. And it’s definitely not good after no workout! Drink enough and it can ruin your teeth…and put pounds on you. If your workout is fewer than 60 minutes or not very intense, sports drinks can do more harm than good because of the sugar. It can lead to insulin spikes that lead to fat storage and potentially fatal diabetes. Wait, aren’t you trying to make healthy choices? If your workout is under an hour or not intense, drink water.


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