People commonly live to survive, so they work hard to obtain a good life. However, there are a few who are already millionaire even in a young age and surely have a great life ahead. Here is a list of the Richest Kids in the World.

10. Jaylen Bledsoe - $3.5 million

Jaylen Bledsoe - $3.5 million

Jaylen is a young tycoon where his business blooms even in a very early age of 15. Bledsoe Technologies (Jaylen’s company), focuses or specializes Web Designs and IT services. Age really does not matter to reach success, especially when you have a strong determination, exceptional talents and right attitude.

9. Rico Rodriguez - $4 million

Rico Rodriguez - $4 million

His popularity has arisen because of his character in “Modern Family”, a much hit sitcom on ABC. He has played a character of Manny which is not far from his real life. In 2015, he is part of a big project “El Americano”.


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