So you just had baby number three, and you’re still trying to take off that last bit of baby weight from kiddo number one? We hear ya. But you’re not alone. It’s not only new moms who struggle with their weight after birth (except for that one new mamma that I saw out and about with her less-than-two week old, striding around the mall with a completely flat tummy – just one question, how?), no one seems to be immune.

1. Val Kilmer – Then vs Now

Val Kilmer – Then vs Now

Remember seeing Val Kilmer play Batman in the mid-1990s? You might have been a tween or in college then, but I remember thinking, break me off a chunk of that mouthwatering-ly delicious chiseled work of art. Well, not so much anymore. Valley Boy looks nothing like that chunk of hunk he once was. Now he’s just, well, the chunk part.


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