There are a huge number of celebrities who have had a wide range of sex scandals. Some of the sex scandals have made them more famous, while others ruin their career. A few people do the right opposite. They get in a sex scandal first and after that attempt to ride it into stardom. Here are celebrities who got famous from sex scandals.

1. Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer

Much sooner than any of you were conceived, Jerry Springer was the Mayor of Cincinnati. He committed the error of composing a terrible check at a neighborhood “massage parlor.” The massage parlor got raided, the check was found, and that launched him into superstardom. Ordinarily, this would end a political career. However, he was re-elected as mayor by the general population of Cincinnati. I figure I ought to expect that out of a city whose nickname is Porkopolis. After an unsuccessful gubernatorial run, Jerry Springer started a television show. The Jerry Springer Show turned into the second most popular daytime television show in TV history (behind Oprah), on account of it’s over the top violence and nudity. The Jerry Springer Show will dependably be #1 in my heart.


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