It's amazing how disturbing a 28-second recording can be.

After finding a disturbing CVR (cockpit voice recording) of Western airlines Flight 2605,This mishap took place on October 31,1979.This is a simple misunderstanding between flight captain and first officer about direction to land entered wrong runway where vehicles were parked they were flight maintenance vehicles, as a result at the first impact flight crashed on these vehicles and ran over them until or after a second impact as it crashed into a hanger and stopped at last. 

This incident took place in mexico city. The conversation between Captain and First officer took place like this 

Captain:We're clear on the right ? We're clear on the right, is that correct?First officer:No, the other runway.

Captain:No, This is the approach to the goddamned left.First officer:Yeah, climb to 8500 and-(Flight ran over maintenance vehicles)

First officer: Charlie! Charlie, get it up!

Captain:Oh! Jesus Christ!

First officer:Get it up Charlie!(Crashed into a hanger)

End of conversation 

As from the above transcript of conversation it is evident that there is a lack of co-operation between captain and first officer. After the accident according to the report released by Western airlines, All these accidents had some common human factors involvement mostly pilot fatigue due to long working hours or shift changes. When airlines understand these problems why do't they take any action in order to stop these events from happening is the question unanswered.According to other reports A friend of the flight captain talked with him 6 days before the accident and found him noticeably upset about a trip to mexico city due to some family problems.

The inducement of the accident had to be one of of human factors What else would explain how a 31,500 hour pilot , who liked to fly a T-6 that he owned. Made a mistake like that?But there were some other factors that we have to take into account according to weather reports on that day there was heavy fog and maybe it made pilots hard to view the runway from 7,000 feet above the ground and it is reported that runway on which flight should land had no lights.This made the landing more tricky.However the truth is folded and the mystery behind the cause of the accident continues!!!


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