Paying extra money on budget flights is quite a nuisance but when the sum reaches to 320$ just for checking in it becomes absurd. This is exactly what happened to Mr. Lucas Marshall.

Mr. Marshall was travelling back from the Canary Islands with his wife and four of his children when he was asked to pay a bill of 320$ so that the airline company Ryanair registered them, as he couldn’t print boarding passes.

As he didn’t want his family to miss the trip home, he immediately made the payment. Moreover, his children were given places around the whole airplane and had to sit next to complete strangers.


Mr. Marshall took this as an insult and decided to act. At first he sent his complaints to the airline but was not responded so he took the case to court. Furthermore, he told that he is not doing it for money, he is doing it out of principle.

In the end Ryanair failed to respond to the court notice and they had to refund Mr. Marshall. The airline paid 610$ to Mr. Marshall for the inconvenience. The father of four and a landscape gardening company owner took this as a victory and a sign that even a multimillion pound company is not walking over him.

Now the only thing Mr Marshall needs from them is an apology.

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