We all know that parenting is hard, but thanks to the help from Facebook page “Muddled Up Mummy,” we will never find ourselves in a desperate situation. The page has shared a number of hacks from parents which can assist in everyday life with your kids.

Did you ever think about ways from preventing your kid to waste all of the toilet paper? Just try to put a sign on the wall reading “You shall not pass.”

Here is the compilation list of the genius parenting hacks presented on the page.



Want your baby to drink all of the healthiest drinks in the world? Just add sprinkles over them.

Is your kid a future Van Gogh? Use a large cardboard box filled with colored markers to keep them busy for hours without ever worrying about the condition of your walls.

Add some hair spray and glitter to a dollar note to make a fairy-tale come to life.

A simple sticker on which they should keep their hand will make them stick nearby and never run away.

Some of the other hints from the “Muddled Up Mummy” include using toothpaste for cleaning wooden furniture, WD-40 for removing crayon marks from walls and using vodka for cleaning grass of jeans. Every mother can find many useful tips for her and inspire her children.

There is even a tip for protecting all valuables from thieves. Just put it in a diaper and made it look like a used one. You will never need to worry about the safety of your belongings.

Marshmallows are not only tasty, they help to ease the sore throat pain.


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