Snoring is not only something that annoys anyone who happens to be near you , it is also something that can be very dangerous.

If you are snoring on a nightly basis, or at least frequently, you need to alert your doctor as soon as possible. Frequent snoring often means that the sufferer is a candidate for obstructive sleep apnea, which is a potential dangerous condition that if not treated can possibly cause brain damage. Be sure your doctor is aware of your condition. 

The second and easier stop snoring remedy is to tone up the muscles in your throat. When you sleep, the muscles in your throat relax as do the ones in the rest of your body. If the tissue is fatty, it will cause the airway to narrow significantly and cause you to snore. However, there are several exercises you can use that tone up this tissue so it doesn't narrow the airway and cause you to snore. 


Now, if your snoring is infrequent, then you may not need to lose weight or do throat exercises. The best stop snoring remedy for you is a snoring spray or one of the other many stop snoring devices. Sprays and devices, by the way, should not be the only stop snoring remedy for chronic snoring. They are only a short term solution while you address the bigger causes of your snoring, like being overweight. 

Living a healthy lifestyle is certainly good for overall health, which is why it will improve this problem as well. Being overweight, bad habits such as smoking, taking drugs, and drinking alcohol, are all factors that cause snoring problems. So if you want to stop snoring, you should practice healthy living so that you won't have to suffer from this or any other disorder caused by bad health. If you have a snoring problem, don't give up -know that there are ways that you can help solve this problem.

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