We all want our loved ones and best friends to live for a long, long time, but life is not eternal. Celine Dion had to face the death of her husband, but this death stopped the suffering of Rene Angélil once and for all.

Dying on Celine´s Arms

Rene Angélil wanted to die on Celine´s arms. Celine said so, and she was really serious about it. This was something rare and bad for Celine because she truly loved her husband and they had been living with tons of peace in the beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. Rene died in January 2016 after battling with cancer for many years.

A Good Husband

Rene Angélil was a good husband because she did not want Celine to stop her successful career just to mind him. That´s the right thing to do if you truly love someone. You make sacrifices for that person as you love her with all your heart. Though the ailing husband wanted Celine to go on with her life, she had priorities as she loved him and wanted the best for him. However, Rene died and she had to take care of her kids anyway.


Peaceful Death

Rene Angélil died of cancer in his residence, and this was a peaceful event. He was fighting cancer for a long time,and he did not deserve to suffer a lot. So what did Infinite Intelligence do? Heaven killed Rene Angélil so he does not have to suffer so much. Celine Dion was devastated, but this death stop the suffering of her husband once and for all.

As you can see, Celine Dion had to face Rene Angélil´s death in Las Vegas. But she is taking care of her kids and his husband is now resting in peace.

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