Since the ancient ages, people were always fascinated by flying objects. A new project on Kickstarter called “Air Bonsai” started to apply gravity defiance to plant life.

Through the Japanese art of bonsai and using via magnetic levitation grown and groomed trees float in the air.

Plants float by the same principle floating chessboard and UFO-inspired levitating speaker work. Opposing Magnets are affecting each other, so that the plant container could hang in the air. Creators like to call the floating plants “little stars“.


The tiny trees spin hanging in the air like imaginative creations from an anime. It is simply fascinating how some of them resemble small planets with craters on the surface. Small pines are the most famous plants among the people, who are familiar with bonsai, but Air Bonsai extends the limits, and it can be applied on other type of plants like mosses and flowering plants.

Shipping live plants is quite a challenging task. Supporters from the US are going to be provided by local plants. However, supporters from the other countries must have their own ones.

Interest in magnetic gardening is growing extensively. The project funding has passed from its original 80,000$ goal to 185,000$ and yet there is more than a month left.

A pledge price for standard Air Bonsai set starts at a 200$ (about 140£, 290AU$). The standard set includes the growing container, “energy base”, a cushion, a box and an AC adapter. Keep in mind that some crowdfunding projects may have problems with delivering on time or as expected.

It’s obvious that these marvelous trees draw so much Kickstarter attention on them. If we can’t fly, at least our plants can dot.

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