A very little room is now stuffed with earthly possessions of the whole family.
Cramped: A sick child lies sleeping on a mattress at Västerås where at least six people live in every room, according to migrants

In this room for six persons, which is 8 meters square, one can find unclean dishes, an old teakettle looking for the right place with an incandescent tablet computer and, of course, baby bottles.

One can be unexpectedly sore to see an ill child who’s sleeping on the floor among dirt and filth inside one of the most famous shelters of Sweden. In these poor conditions a youth felt free to violate a 10-year-old boy, only police does not enter after being driven away in rebellion.


Bleak: Police were being called a couple of times a week to Västerås, to deal with drugs, fights, or just calm the staff who have called them because they are frightened, now they refuse to enter because it could provoke the refugees. This boy, Hassem, is being kept in his room because he is sick

This Asylum Centre in Västerås, Signalisten, in the west of Stockholm, was some time a hotel that welcomed people to the city of 133,000 people.

Protected by just two night time stuff, who is being afraid of leaving its rooms, now six hundred men, women and children sleep in its grimy rooms.

Since Mail Online had an exceptional chance to have access to the asylum center, supporters maintained that this kind of overfilling in Sweden's asylum centers is so cruel that a lot of children have been raped.


Crowded: Police were overcome in a corridor at the Västerås asylum centre after being called to a disturbance when staff tried to remove a family. Now they refuse to enter the centre, pictured above

Afghan Association chairman Hussein Asgari emphasize on the progressing danger to which children are submitted in consequence of Sweden's failure to handle the situation caused by increasing the flow of migrants. He thinks that the decision of the Migration Board of Sweden to reduce the living area per person in the asylums from 5 square meters to 3 square meters has led to overpopulation.

Hussein tells that he receives several phone calls from raped children. In his opinion, the reason is that the asylum center is overcrowded, as well as there is no surveillance from the Migration Board. In his view, nobody would notice a criminal who rapes children among so many immigrants. Most of the times children refuse to report this kind of violations for they are ashamed to tell the “humiliating” truth. In place, he offers to give the alarm by himself, because someone has to react to solve the problem. There are few bad people coming to Sweden, however, they can ruin other migrants’ lives.

Help: Ahmed Naktal, pictured, fled from Mosul when ISIS were on the march. Now he and his family, including son Hassem, four, live in one of the rooms in the centre where the ten-year-old was raped. Today they are inside, because Hassem is sick


As a result, admit the authorities, Swedes and other inhabitants of Sweden are in danger as the asylums are now out of control. The observations of the Swedish Migration Agency show the significant growth of violent incidents in asylums from 2014 to 2015 which accompany the increase of migration.

There were 148 incidents in 2014, whereas in 2015 that figure reached 322.

Under the stipulation that it will remain anonymous, an officer told to MailOnline that police was compelled to visit the Asylum Center at Västerås at least two times a week.

Lawless: Migrant Mahmeed told MailOnline that 'things like [the rape] are not suppose to happen anywhere, but it is a totally different world inside the centre, anything could happen'


On January 22, police were called to investigate a case of a ten-year-old boy who was attacked and raped. After the incident, the Social Services moved the boy and his family to a safe place, but the situation in the center worsened.

Later there was a need for moving another family, but initially the staff, then police were stopped by the migrants, as they did not want a doctor to leave the center.

According to MailOnline, the mass aggression of the migrants was due to the fact, that they are not getting any medical help from the government and the doctor they were trying to move was their only choice. The situation in the center is anarchic.

The Swedish Migration Board did not make any comments about rapes. There are no collected statistics on rape allegations inside migration centers.


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