A powerful emotion arises when a mother for the first time hears a heartbeat of her dead little boy inside a transplant recipient, a 4-year-old girl.
Lukas died in 2013 after being reportedly abused by his babysitter's boyfriend

When Jordan was just 18 months old, she received Lukas’ tender heart. Then, in almost three years a mother who lost her son listened to his dead baby's heart. Clark and Esther Gonzalez, Drake's mother, hugged each other crying and sharing their emotions when they met for the first time. Gonzalez could not believe that this was happening to them.


Lukas died in 2013 after being reportedly abused by his babysitter's boyfriend


A woman donated her son’s organs to a little girl after his death. Her seven months old baby passed away after being severely abused by his nanny’s boyfriend. According to Clark a child abuse investigation is being done.

Heather Clark showed her strongest sentiments and couldn’t resist them as she put her ear to a young girl’s heart, who is an organ recipient named Jordan Drake at Phoenix Children's Hospital. 

Clark also used a stethoscope to place it upon Jordan's chest, hearing to her late baby’s heart beating. She told that it was quite strong. Then she kissed and hugged the little girl, who later placed the stethoscope upon Clark’s heart.

A little girl gave a present to Clark, a teddy bear with pink hearts. Every time she will press the bear it will make a sound of her son's heartbeat, explained 4-year-old girl. In response, Clark thanked the transplant recipient and said that the gift was perfect.

This meeting full of warm emotions ended with sharing Lukas’ photos by Clark.


Jordan gifted Clark with a red teddy bear covered in pink hearts - that when pressed made a heartbeat sound. At the meeting, Clark also shared photographs of Lukas with Gonzalez

For Clark, another positive side in donating her baby’s organs is that now she has a chance to hold him again. On the “Justice For Lukas Scot” Facebook page she said that next week she will be holding Luka in her hands, listening to hear heartbeat, while showering her with love and kisses.

For Gonzalez, now they are families and friends with Clark, because it brought their families together.

Heather Clark and her son Lukas are seen together

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